Thursday, December 17, 2015

007b: Spectre Shaken

"007b: Spectre Shaken"

From the ashes of Skyfall, James Bond's nine year journey into the secret of SPECTRE is finally unveiled.  Returning to Her Majesty's Secret Service,  the Gauntlet crew loads up the PPK and takes another spin in the Aston-Martin, diving into 007's latest and most personal mission.


John Jansen

John Hargrove
Michael Stevens
Ric Silva


  1. I finally took the time to watch "Spectre" this weekend and knew there were many problems with it, outside of it just being boring. Your episode hit on so many of the things that I thought were horrible choices.

    Your points on the serialization of everything Movies & TV related these days were also absolutely spot on. I have had so many conversations (arguments) with people about how films and shows, Hell...even books, are now all long story-arcs or soap operas. I can't even watch TV anymore and this is supposed to be a new "Golden Age" of Television. Nothing ever ends and nothing is ever resolved. And you're right about the Marvel-ization of Movies. Why do they all have to be meticulously intertwined?!? Pffft! I say.

    I listen to a lot of podcasts and your's remains my favorite. It has got to be a tremendous amount of work, especially with all your thoughtful editing and background music. Class act, all the way! I wish you would make more but I can't bitch about the price. I've been part of a couple of different podcasts and I know that even minimally edited ones still take tons of prep.

    Thanks for doing this.

  2. The unused Radiohead song for Spectre...

    Very good imo.

  3. Finally had to sit through the film just to listen to the excellent podcast!

    So many plot holes, weak action, no chemistry... This felt like a rushed contractual obligation and a million miles from the energy of Casino Royale.

    The producers must have spec scripts in their mailbox every week, why not at least tap those for ideas?

    This one still made a ton of money but surely even they know it was mostly off the back of Skyfall rather than on merit.

    Would be a good if they ditched the origin story arc and stripped things down with a new Bond, strict running time/budget, centered around 2/3 main locations, practical stunts, get some fresh writing talent in.