Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"Again...with the film podcast????"

The Hollywood Gauntlet is a feature-length podcast celebrating the art and entertainment of cinema.  Hosted by John Jansen, the show features a rotating panel of three guests and covers a single topic in detail for each episode.

I would like to give big round of thanks to everyone who sent messages requesting and encouraging me to continue forward with a new film podcast after the closing of The Hollywood Saloon.  It has been inspiring to read how much the old Saloon shows meant to so many people and while no new show can ever replace it, there are still so many topics of conversation left unexplored.

For years, the two top messages I've always received were:

1) Love your show, wish there were more of them.
2) Love your show, even when I don't agree with your opinions.

The Hollywood Gauntlet will address both.

Now listeners will have a chance to get into the conversation.

So joining me for the Gauntlet pilot launch were John Hargrove, Michael Stevens and Ric Silva.  John and I were roommates in college and he's worked on almost every film project of mine since 1985.  I was Michael's catcher in little league and we've worked together in both theater and film since high school.   I first met Ric at Sega of America in 1991 and he's been involved with me both in front and behind the camera ever since. 

So together we hit REC and started down the long road of topics.  This is the first time these guys have ever done anything like this and they deserve applause for taking the time and effort to make this show happen.

Like any new show, the pilot episode was created first.  Then we went ahead and recorded the next three topics, putting the first four episodes in the can.  On Opening Day there will be 7 1/2 hours of new content to explore and enjoy.  Then the show will move to a monthly format, with extra bonus live shows with callers and guests.

STUDY GUIDES will also be provided for each show.  For Educational Purposes Only.

On Facebook, The Hollywood Gauntlet page has been created, so feedback, comments, suggestions and conversations are welcome there.  Same with Twitter.

On YouTube, The Hollywood Gauntlet channel will feature trailers for each show, with visuals edited to the first 12 minutes.

The Hollywood Gauntlet
YouTube Videos:

If you like what you hear...and think we should get picked up in the fall for a full season...please provide comments on the web page or iTunes.

All iTunes reviews are helpful in getting the show exposure.
                             HOW TO GET INTO THE GAUNTLET: 
There will be two ways to get involved on the show.
1) As a Guest, you will join one of the three chairs and become part of the discussion for the topic.  This will require the ability to record your voice separately and upload.
2) As a Caller, you will call in (via Skype or Facetime) and ENTER THE GAUNTLET where you can ask any question or provide any topic to discuss, explore and debate.
If you have interest in joining the Gauntlet, please send your request and contact info to:
Just state if you want to be a GUEST or CALLER and you will be sent all the information to help you get started.  
The Gauntlet is ready to hear from you.
Thanks for a great six years -- here's to the next chapter.

John Jansen

001: "Summer of '82"

001: "Summer of '82" (aka The Pilot)
It was a summer like no other, with Conan, Rocky III, The Road Warrior, Star Trek II, Poltergeist, E.T., Blade Runner, The Thing, Tron, Secret of Nimh, The World According To Garp, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Night Shift and Pink Floyd The Wall.  Between the months of May and August, over fifteen films would be released that would not only define their genre, but become an enduring classic that would inspire future generations of artists, actors, writers and filmmakers. 

002: "Dragon vs. Dragon"

002: "Dragon vs. Dragon"
From international best-selling novel, to Swedish and American film adaptations, Steig Larsson's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO gets the ultimate Salander dissection, exploring the differences and similarities in adapting the book to the screen in two very different and successful ways.