Thursday, October 4, 2012

004: Dark Nolan Trilogy

"004: Dark Nolan Trilogy"
The year was 1939.  Artist Bob Cane and writer Bill Finger submitted to Detective Comics a new crime fighting character...a man without superpowers...but his mastery of science, detection, technology, martial arts, intellect, intimidation, physical prowess and detective skills...The Batman was born...and for the next 70 years, Bruce Wayne's legacy to his murdered parents and to Gotham City continues to thrive and grow for each new generation. He's been called The Caped Crusader. The world's Greatest Detective and The Dark Knight. Join The Hollywood Gauntlet as they dive deep into Gotham and examine writer-director Christopher Nolan's three film cycle that finally gives The Dark Knight a definitive big screen adventure and for the first time, a closure to the Bruce Wayne story.

John Jansen

John Hargrove
Michael Stevens
Ric Silva

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Steve Wood

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Dark Knight Deleted Scene w/ Nolan Commentary:

Dark Knight Rises Toy Commercial (yeah, that one):

How It Should Have Ended: