Friday, November 30, 2012

007: Skyfall Stirred

"007: Skyfall Stirred"
From Dr. No to Skyfall, the journey of James Bond and his adventures in Her Majesty's Secret Service reaches Golden Jubliee status with the 23rd film in the continuing saga of Ian Flemming's world famous spy.  From exotic locations from every corner of the globe, agent 007 has thrilled audiences by land, by air, by sea...and by space.  But the one area of Mr. Bond's legacy that has remained a secret has been his past.  Where did James Bond come from?  How does his past come into play to help save his future?  It's a brand new world for Mi6 and James Bond is going to need all the help he can get.  Join the Gauntlet crew as they take the skyfall through Bond's present, past and future.


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John Jansen

John Hargrove
Michael Stevens
Ric Silva

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  1. YES!

    tiny nitpick, Skyfall is not Bond 23. If you have to number it, it would be Bond 3.

  2. "Some argue for You Only Live Twice"

    Love this shout-out to Andy. Sweet

  3. Outstandingly produced as always John, this is an excellent companion piece to your bond retrospective with Andy.
    I think your co-hosts have really grown into it too, really great work on everyone's part!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    I thought after the demise of the 'Saloon' I'd never be able to continue my 'Bond Never Dies' series with Skyfall. I was happily proven wrong! I'm only 1/3 through it and can't wait to hear the rest. This will definitely be (unofficially) the 5th episode of 'Bond Never Dies' for me! Sans Andy. Oh well.

    I thought for sure the next episode after Dark Nolan was going to be Indiana Jones related.

    I'd love to hear a discussion about the Disney/Lucasfilm deal.

    1. ArenA: What Happened To STAR WARS



  5. Thanks for listening. Bond is Forever!

    We actually skipped over EPISODES 005 and 006 in order to put this out first...cause a show about Bond should only be numbered 007. Funny how things like that work out.

    The next two shows are in post-production and when dropped, all the outros/intros will still match up. So all will work out in the end.

    Keep coming back to this site for updates.


    "When You Wish Upon A Star..."

  6. I haven't listened to this yet but I too never thought I'd hear a continuation of the old HS Bond Never Dies series. I loved those podcasts and have re-listened to them many times over. This is a great time to be a Bond fan! Can't wait to hear this...

  7. Fantastic show!

    One question please John, where on earth do those spoof Fleming book title theme songs come from? I need to hear "The Hildebrand Rarity" again!

    It was also interesting to hear you talk about more Fleming-esque titles for future films. I've never read the novel, but I've always thought that Sebastian Faulks' title of "Devil May Care" is pure Fleming and pure Bond.

    1. Thanks for the Hildebrand Love Aaron the C. All four tracks were a labor of love, if a little tongue in cheek. Cheers!

  8. Thanks to SAINT STREET VENDOR for the new James Bond Ian Flemming title songs.

    Get More VENDOR Here:

    This is John Hargrove's band project.

    Extra Thanks to Anastasia Gilliam for vocals on THR.

  9. I consider this the definitive Skyfall review besting all otherr in every medium. Shows like this are why I love podcasts. Thank you once again. - From MirthBound

    007 Idea: Non-english-speaking villain monologuing to Bond in their foreign language with their henchman translating

    Would be a great way to give both villain & henchman an eccentricity that would work well within the new grounded Bond universe.

  10. Clarification: Non-english-speaking villain monologuing to Bond in their foreign language with their henchman instantly(almost simultaneously) translating to Bond.

  11. Well Done John, John, Michael, and Ric. Its nice to hear a continuation of the former Bond Never Dies series. Keep up the great work, and thank you John for continuing on with podcasting. The quality of your podcast production is better than ever right now.

  12. Just one point - you gentlemen do realise that there is no such thing as a "Gun Store" in the UK? Guns are restricted to the police and very hard to obtain licenses for sporting purposes. I was disappointed to hear the comment made about why there weren't any gun stores between "London and Scotland" without a trace of irony.

  13. Great point! It shows two things:

    1. Our lack of research before recording the 'cast the day after the film's premiere in the US.

    2. Our assumption that gun stores are like Starbucks everywhere.

    Thanks for listening. And for keeping us honest.


  14. Another terrific show. After I listened to this episode I went back and watched Skyfall again. I found that I appreciated the film more than I did upon the initial viewing due to your insightful analysis.

    I'm looking forward to your next release! Thanks again for putting together the BEST film related podcast on the 'net.

  15. Great podcast with excellent production values (music, sound clips).

    Wish I could get excited by the Craig films. To me Bond always was and should be escapist entertainment... Guys watching want to be Bond, girls watching want to be with Bond.

    But this drawn-out re-invention is a million miles from that Connery/Moore era. Do I want to be a washed-up, conflicted Bond constantly dealing with inner-demons? No, not for a second. Would anyone want an Indiana Jones re-invention prequel trilogy, hell no!

    Plus there's too many nods to the past... Again with the Aston Martin?!? Way too predictable, at least put the Lotus in! And has M got to be hands-on in every frickin' mission? For an "on-the-edge" agent Bond spends an awful lot of time at the office these days!

    Sadly I can't see them doing straight-up adventures in future, the Brosnan era shows it's not easy. Finding someone today with the charisma of Connery and Moore to carry it off is very tough. Bring back the nonchalant, quipping, undercover superhero :-)