Monday, August 13, 2012

003: Marvel Assembly Required

003: "Marvel Assembly Required"
Emerging from the panels of comic book pages to the silver screen, the 49 year journey of THE AVENGERS from Earth's Mightiest Heroes to today's superhero superstars is now complete.  The team up of Marvel's biggest and best has continued to enthrall readers of all ages, leading to the creation of multiple spinoffs, serials, annuals, miniseries, alternate universes and a motion picture studio dedicated to bringing these characters to life in the 21st century.  Now The Hollywood Gauntlet digs into the Marvel timeline, exploring the origins and re-assembling the films of THE AVENGERS.

John Jansen

John Hargrove
Michael Stevens
Ric Silva


  1. Great stuff, can't wait to listen to this.

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  3. Thanks John, looking forward to this one.

  4. YES! I am so looking forward to listening to this episode. The Summer of '82 episode was easily the best podcast that I've ever heard. I recommended your program to quite a few of my friends; all of whom responded with great enthusiasm and praise.

    I urge each listener to promote The Hollywood Gauntlet podcast. It would be great see John Jansen receive wider recognition for his outstanding efforts.

    Thanks John & Co.

  5. Another great episode. Thank you John for keeping us Hollywood Saloon fans happy with new content.

  6. Yes! Another episode!! You have made me very happy guys!!

  7. Really enjoyed this one as well. It was obviously recorded a little while ago, which led to the funny/prophetic moment where John is insisting that Marvel should put together an Avengers TV show... smash cut to: real life and the recent announcement that, in addition to directing Avengers 2, Whedon is developing a related TV show for ABC. We don't really know much about the show yet (like others, I'm personally hoping for The Great Lakes Avengers), but it was interesting to hear the Gauntlet discussing it before the announcement after the announcement.

  8. Many Huge Thank You's...I enjoyed seeing the Avengers looking forward to the Blu-ray. Whedon does the mere impossible by instilling a bit of his personality into a giant made by committee picture like this. -xego

  9. Guess I was one of the few who didn't think the movie was all that good. I did love the way The Hulk acted, but that was really it as far story or characters I enjoyed.

    I'm growing tired of Stark's sarcasm.

    They made Loki a one-dimensional evil character, when in Thor there was greater motivation for him to do what he does. Here he just does it just to be evil.

    Thor, my favorite, is given the shit end of the stick. He doesn't really get much to do, and they weakened him from his movie. (He can take out dozens of Frost Giants, The Destroyer, and a huge monster by himself, but needs help to fight a bunch of Chitauri? pfft.) Although the look he gave Loki before he fights Iron Man, like "watch this brother" is a great moment.

    The Hulk tries to kill everyone on the helicarrier, but then is their ally in the final fight. How?

    Widow was awful, and Hawkeye was dull. Speaking of Widow:

    This secret organization Fury answers to, was willing to drop a nuke on Manhattan before sending out any fighter jets. What?

    The ending is straight out of The Phantom Menace. Stark blows up the ship, and all the Chitauri die at once. They aren't robots, so how is this even possible? Why is this not explained?

    1. Hard to argue with anything you said. But I loved it anyway (Hargrove)

  10. Correction: The 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR movie was deliberately filmed to be shelved! German producer Bernd Eichinger (THE NAME OF THE ROSE, NEVER-ENDING STORY, RESIDENT EVIL etc.) was about to lose the film rights. in order to prolong the option, he asked Roger Corman to produce a film for 1m $. They never released it properly, later pretended to sell it as a TV pilot, and locked it away. Eichinger held the rights, and co-produced the also iffy FF4 flicks with Universal, so his million bucks right-off paid off in the longer run.

  11. Great podcast. Missing the saloon but diggin the gauntlet. Keep em comin!